And I can't leave out our little "poser" boy! No matter where we are he always loves to be in pictures.

Sage even dug his own hole, I guess he didn't want to feel left out.

When the boys were not 4wheeling they entertained themselves by digging holes - here are some of their projects.

When Emery wasn't 4wheeling she did some sleeping -

The family -

Here is Julian doing his latest - "the spin out or Donut" - he is fearless which is scary but he is a natural.

We just got back from Sand Hollow. We had never been down there, so we didn't know what to expect but it was awesome! It is our family's new favorite place to ride and camp. It has it all a reservoir, 4wheeling trails and great camp spots.

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE! Here is the Valentine's box Boyce made for Emery. She won "most creative" at her school for this box.

Julian learns to ski! He did so good and Boyce and I were more scared than he was. All he wanted to do was come skiing with us but we made him take ski lessons. He went down the hill like he knew exactly what he was doing. When we were leaving the resort, Julian was upset that he had to give back his skis (because we rented them) and Callen and Cordell didn't.

I guess I know what I can get him this year for his birthday.

It is now the beginning of the New Year and we are off and running. Emery turns 10! We went ice skating again at the Galvan Center and this time Cordell didn't need stitches.

We had a lot of fun in Glamis we need to go again soon. Here is the clan:
(from left to right - top to bottom)

Kevin, Heidi, me, Boyce
Emery, Callen, Cordell, Colton
Kayzen, Cambria and Julian

And of course we took Sage with us. He loves to go camping. Here he is in travel mode in our new 5th Wheel -

Glamis has an area where all these 5th wheels set up and sell all sorts of stuff. I didn't get a picture of it but it was like nothing I have ever seen. Really cool place to hang out. This kids had so much fun. They played football, searched for hidden treasures with the metal detector and of course 4wheeled. Here they are taking a break (in front of Kevin and Heidi's rig) from their hard time at play to enjoy an ice cream.

Here is Kevin working on his Razor next to his trailer -

Heidi has the cutest dogs that she brought with her on the trip. Julian and Emery loved them. Bella and Bentley. Look how cute!

Boyce and I bought a used 5th wheel over the holidays and we love it. We broke it in when we went to Glamis with our friends Heidi and Kevin. Glamis is like a huge sand dune that is on the border of Mexico. We left the day after Christmas and it was a long drive but worth it. At our camp sight the kids had their own 4wheeling track that we blocked off.

Christmas was really good to us. We felt a lot of love through the month which is important to us. The kids didn't get a ton but they were very grateful for what they got. Julian was excited about everything, even the mints he got. Our dog sage was pumped for his little chew toys Santa brought him which is so cute to see. We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

I got to go to Emery's Christmas program this year and she did really well. She looked so cute doing her little jig.

Time for the Carriage Ride!

Jeremy was our horse this year and he made it through -

After we left the Hospital we went down town to see the temple lights. How pretty they are. I love to do this with my family every year, it never gets old.

Tis the season to be jolly and it was. Christmas spirit was everywhere this year. We did our annual Build a Bear for Primary Children's Hospital again this year and all the kids understood its importance this year which was good. Here are the kids outside the Hospital with the bears they made. All named after our kids -

Time to decorate the Tree again. We didn't have time to go cut our own down because of our Maui trip so we just used the one we had in storage but it turned out very nice. All the kids helped with the decorations and Julian was my little supervisor making sure everything was just right.

This is Callen and Emery's first year playing recreational basketball and I think they both liked it. I think that this is really Emery's sport. She did so good and looked so athletic out there, it was really fun to watch.

Cordell on the fast break with his brother beside him -

We are back to reality now feeling energized after such a relaxing week. Heading into Basketball season with all of the kids playing this year. Callen, Emery and Julian all having the #13 (dad's favorite number) and this year Cordell and Callen are on the same team with their dad coaching. My camera was being funny so these pictures are a little blurry.

Here is Callen at the line -

Here we are again up in the air. We reached 1200 feet.

We just found our memory chip from our Para-sailing adventure we did in Maui first of December and thought we would share them. Here we are taking off from the boat. If you have never para-sailed I suggest you try. It is so fun and relaxing and beautiful all at the same time.

We are now into December, end of the year already. Boyce and I had the opportunity to go to Maui again room and flights paid so we had to take it. It was a very relaxing trip that was needed after such a busy year. While we were there we para sailed and went to a women's surfing competition held by BillaBong along the North shore. It was so cool to see them surf the waves and to actually see such big waves. It went for 2 days, here are some shots of the girl who won it.
Thanksgiving came and went which is sad because I love this holiday. We had dinner at my parents house and just relaxed.

While Boyce was hunting it snowed for the first time. Julian was so excited for the snow because he wanted so badly to make a snowman. So that is just what we did.
Now that Football and Julian's birthday is over Boyce needed a much needed vacation from things so he went to Kentucky to hunt with his friend Drew for 2 weeks. He didn't get one but I think he had fun.

I can't believe how fast time goes. My baby is already 5 years old today. We had a big party for him with his pre-school class at Classic Fun Center on the bouncers and the jungle maze. He is all about Spongebob so we had the Spongebob theme room and a Spongebob cake for him. They all had a blast, and boy did we all sleep good that night.

This year Boyce gave out the "Golden Hammer" for the hardest hitter. He made a football out of wood and laced it up and mounted the golden hammer on it. It was so cool. Brody Hyde (who was a first time player) received the award for the hardest hitter, but he was an all around great player.

We held the Football party at Boondocks this year. The kids played and ate pizza and everyone received a trophy. Here is Cordell with the Coaches Boyce and Ron at the awards party.

How cute our kids were on Halloween. Callen was a bottle of Ketchup, Cordell was a sumo wrestler, Princess Swan and Julian was Darth Vader again.

Then on to Jerry Gomez's house for the remainder of the night. That party was CRAZY! Here is a picture of the host Jerry Gomez as Gold medalist Michael Phelps and another Wonder Woman (not Cheryl).

We went to April's party first and met up with Gary and Kim.

We have made it to Halloween. Boyce's favorite holiday I think it is because he has crazy costumes! Here we are with my brother Mike and his wife Cheryl before hitting 2 parties that night.

Cordell decided to have a small Halloween party at our house this year. They played pin the moustache on the skeleton, bobbed for apples and broke a pinata. They had pizza and watched Coraline.

We did some sight seeing through Yellowstone, it was so nice to just enjoy the ride. We stopped at Old Faithful (a geyser) and rested a while before leaving the Park.